About Bridgewater Chocolate

Our Story

Bridgewater Chocolate was first established by owner and founder, Erik Landegren, in 1995. Erik came to the United States from Stockholm, Sweden to open Aquivit, the highly acclaimed, seasonal Nordic style Swedish restaurant in the heart of New York City.  After many successful years at Aquivit, Erik met his wife-to-be, Patti, and moved to the town of Bridgewater, CT to raise a family.  Erik began making chocolate while he was running the quaint Bridgewater Village Store.  He loved the American style chocolates he was able to find in the US but missed the handmade, high-quality ingredients and recipes from his childhood.  He missed the creamy rich ganache of European truffles, the caramel that oozed from within the chocolate, the brittle buttery toffee, the handmade marizpan and most of all the creamy, high cocoa, high cocoa butter content chocolate.

In 1999, knee-deep in chocolate and with growing demand, Erik partnered with Andrew Blauner, who now manages the business operations side of the company. Erik and Andrew continue to create products that fulfill the highest expectations of their customers. 

That was how our company was born. Bridgewater Chocolates are delicious, handmade, American-style chocolates with European-quality ingredients and recipes. 

To honor Bridgewater Chocolate's happy origins from the back kitchen of the Bridgewater Village Store, Erik used the image of the store as our logo.

Our Chocolate

We offer a variety of chocolates including turtles, toffees, caramels, truffles, peanut butter patties, hazelnut pralines, and more.  All of our selections are handmade from the finest ingredients.  Our product lines include assorted chocolates, toffee assortments, tins (bite-sized, chewy caramels and raisins), cubes (bite-sized nuts and confections) and other delightful selections.

Each chocolate is handmade.  Our caramel is handmade. 

Where to Buy (View More Locations)

Bridgewater Chocolate has two retail locations: our Factory Store in Brookfield, CT and the other in West Hartford, CT. All of our retail store designs are elegant, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Our Factory Store experience is one you should not miss with the enticing smell of superior chocolates being made just feet from our store counter.  Buying Bridgewater Chocolates is easy and convenient. Customers are able to place orders online on this website, by phone, by fax, by mail or by visiting one of its many distributor locations.

Bridgewater Chocolate has been awarded “Most Outstanding Overall Food Product” by The Connecticut Specialty Food Association several times and has been featured numerous times on The Food Network.


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Bridgewater Chocolate is the perfect gift for your friends, your customers or just for you.