Small Chocolate Bars

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  1. Cayambe Ecuador White

    Cayambe Ecuador White


    Notes of cream, natural sweetness & cacao from the Ecuadorian hills of Cayambe. Solid White 55g Learn More
  2. 55g Small Bar 8 Bundle Pack

    55g Small Bar 8 Bundle Pack


    Get all eight of our specific origin chocolate bars in one elegant bundle pack, wrapped in a Bridgewater Chocolate ribbon. Flavors include: Bridgewater Dark (Claudine 68), Peruvian Dark (Ayacucho 62), Notes of Citrus (Valencia), Notes of Joe (Arabica), Ecuador White (Cayambe), Notes of Caramel (Huanuco), Notes of Hazelnut (Cataluna) & Creamy Milk (Manjar 38) Learn More
  3. Huanuco Notes of Caramel

    Huanuco Notes of Caramel


    A creamy milk chocolate bar made from Ecuadorian cacao, and caramelized cane sugar. Solid Milk 55g Learn More
  4. Cataluna Notes of Hazelnut

    Cataluna Notes of Hazelnut


    A harmonious bar that pairs together a blend of creamy milk & roasted hazelnut flavors. Solid Milk 55g Learn More
  5. Valencia Notes of Citrus

    Valencia Notes of Citrus


    A harmony of orange & lemon blended into dark (68%) & white chocolate. Solid Dark & White 55g Learn More
  6. Manjar 38 Creamy Milk

    Manjar 38 Creamy Milk


    Our most creamy milk chocolate bar made from 38% Peruvian cacao. Solid Milk 55g Learn More
  7. Ayacucho 62 Peruvian Dark

    Ayacucho 62 Peruvian Dark


    A flavorful bar from Peruvian cacao with slight notes of dried fruit & nuts. 62% Solid dark chocolate 55g Learn More
  8. Claudine 68 Dark

    Claudine 68 Dark


    Our own classic and bold blend of African and South American cacao. Solid dark chocolate. 55g Learn More
  9. Arabica Notes of Joe

    Arabica Notes of Joe


    Checkers of dark 70% & milk 38% Peruvian chocolate with Arabica coffee. Solid Milk and Dark 55g Learn More