Handcrafted in Connecticut


Luxury dark chocolate gift boxes and assortments fashioned to delight. Offering luxury house-made boxed chocolate, with hand-tied bows, since 1995.

Perfect For Any Dark Chocolate Enthusiast

True chocolate connoisseurs know that a small bite of dark chocolate gives you a huge taste of the gourmet chocolate goodness. From dark chocolate bars, to dark chocolate truffles, and everything in between, Bridgewater Chocolate has an assortment of dark chocolate gifts for you to spread the love of this delicious treat around with your friends and family.

From deliciously familiar classics to uniquely flavorful selections, Bridgewater Chocolate's premium dark chocolate will satisfy any dark chocolate enthusiast. You'll be pleased with how savory our chocolate is, and how much your loved ones will appreciate their gifts. When it comes to the best American dark chocolate, there's no better gift than Bridgewater Chocolate.